• SENSUAL woman

    SENSUAL woman

    Must-have fragrance for night outs: A classic composition of oriental notes. For sensual moments with floral and fruity accents.

    From 12,90 £

  • CASUAL woman

    CASUAL woman

    Great perfume for day wear: Natural freshness with lemon accents. Discover a vital experience…

    From 12,90 £

  • NATURAL woman

    NATURAL woman

    Your everyday perfume: Aromatic natural notes meet fresh accents.

    From 12,90 £

  • FEMININE woman

    FEMININE woman

    Sensual warm notes for your statement of femininity. Discover a powdery and aromatic fragrant experience with floral highlights.

    From 12,90 £

  • GLAMOUROUS woman

    GLAMOUROUS woman

    A timeless and summerly perfume: Natural fruity notes meet pure exotic. Discover tingly moments with this sweet floral scent.

    From 12,90 £

Our Character Fragrances for Women

Fragrances for Women

Dive into the magical world of perfumery and experience our perfumer's masterpieces for women. We have developed our exclusive character perfumes to fit any fragrance type. From our femine-floral character for elegant women, to our casual-fresh character for sporty women, to our oriental character for sensual women. Each character perfume has been developed as a long-lasting and intense premium "Eau de Parfum". You can either choose the fragrance that fits your character or mood best and wear in individually, or you can combine it with your favorite Pure Essence Perfumes. This way you can choose your favorite fragrance combination day for day. Possibly combine your character fragrance on hot summer days with one or two sparkling fresh notes, while combining it with warm-spicy notes on winter days or for special occasions ("fragrance layering"). In any case the result is a harmonic high quality perfume. Express your personal fragrance type now and choose your favorite character!